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Making the most of my
opportunities in the United States!

The Data and Analytics way.


This is me

Throughout my professional career, I have developed soft skills from consulting, technical from my degrees and management from my role at Westpac. For the next step of my career, I look forward to learning and challenging these skills at a scale and size that is not possible within the Australian market, whilst bringing a new way of thinking to the organisation I work for.

Advanced Analytics  Data Science 
Machine Learning  Financial Services SME

 Artificial Intelligence   Big Data

Consulting    Stakeholder Management  Leadership Data Management 


I have two clear goals that help the companies I work for

(1) Solve increasingly complex problems
This has driven me to develop new skills, undertaking a Master of Data Science, as well as building solutions and models to Data Science and Data Management problems. This is evident in the work I have done at Deloitte, a global consulting firm, and Westpac, one of Australia’s largest banks. I am constantly looking for the next problem and how I can help address it.

(2) Help and grow those around me
I have developed teams of up to 20 professionals ensuring their growth, mentorship and team culture enabling them to deliver value across the business. A key focus was running trainings on professional standards, feedback and technical concepts.
These goals will continue to guide me to make an impact within future organisations and teams in which I work.

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